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We’re dedicated to providing truly innovative high-performance hair care formulas. Designed with purity and potency, the advanced science and technology behind FOLIGAIN® products supports our customers’ hair care goals by providing consistently reliable and visible results.

ONLY FOLIGAIN® contains Trioxidil™, a triple action hair health complex developed by our team of hair care experts, with bioactive ingredients clinically shown to help revitalize hair and scalp health.

Where Science & Technology Meets Potency & Performance

We are an industry leader in hair care innovation. Our team works to combine the latest science and trends with clinically proven ingredients to develop truly effective solutions for younger-looking hair.

Our Quality Assurance Team oversees every process — from raw material selection and formula development to the shipment of the final product to your doorstep. FOLIGAIN® products are produced using the highest standards, batch release testing, stability storage and production processes, ensuring the top quality treatments on the market.